Troublemaker APK, oyuncuları bir rehabilitasyon tesisinden kurtulmaya çalışırken ana karakter Randal'ı takip ederek heyecan verici bir yolculuğa çıkaran büyüleyici bir macera bulmaca oyunudur. Derinden sürükleyici ve düşündürücü olan bu oyun, oyuncunun zekasına ve problem çözme yeteneklerine meydan okumak için tasarlanmış ilgi çekici anlatı öğeleriyle karmaşık bulmacaları akıllıca iç içe geçiriyor.
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Troublemaker APK is an exciting adventure puzzle game that transports players into the intriguing world of Randal, the main character. In this game, Randal finds himself stuck in rehab, and it’s up to the players to help him engineer a daring escape. Along the way, players will be faced with numerous challenges and puzzles that they must solve to progress further in their quest for freedom.

The gameplay in Troublemaker APK is thrilling and immersive, designed to draw players deep into Randal’s story. It features expertly designed levels and crafted puzzles aimed at testing wit and ingenuity. As players navigate Randal’s escape journey, they will encounter a diverse array of hurdles that will require strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to overcome.

Troublemaker APK boasts high-quality graphics and engaging audio effects that add depth and dimension to the gaming experience. The unique combination of adventure, puzzle-solving, and a captivating storyline make Troublemaker APK a must-play game for fans of the genre.

About Troublemaker

Troublemaker APK
Troublemaker APK

Troublemaker is an engaging adventure puzzle game created by the talented indie game development company, Art Games Studio S.A. In this captivating game, players assume the role of Randal, a mischievous saboteur who refuses to be rehabilitated. After being arrested and sent to a behavior modification rehab facility, Randal hatches a plan to make his daring escape.

Throughout the game, players will need to use their creativity and critical thinking skills to solve various inventive puzzles. These challenges will have you navigating dangerous obstacles, outsmarting vigilant guardians, and overcoming other exciting hurdles on Randal’s quest for freedom.

The visuals in Troublemaker truly set it apart from other adventure puzzle games. By blending 2D and 3D graphics, the game delivers an unforgettable experience that is both visually stunning and uniquely immersive. Players are sure to appreciate its rich colorful design as they guide Randal through his epic journey.

If you are a fan of adventure puzzle games and want to experience what it’s like to play as a cunning saboteur, then Troublemaker should be at the top of your must-play list. With its unique visual style and engaging gameplay, it provides a tantalizing challenge for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Overview of Troublemaker

Troublemaker is an engaging third-person puzzle adventure game that puts players in control of the protagonist, Randal, a mischievous saboteur attempting to escape from rehab. The game features numerous puzzle elements, challenging players to find solutions and navigate obstacles along their journey.

In this immersive adventure, players encounter a wide range of challenges, including logic puzzles, evading guardians, and even defeating opponents to advance through each level. The approach to puzzles in Troublemaker is diverse, allowing players to explore various relationships, employ cunning skills to avoid threats, or even face enemies head-on to achieve victory.

Additionally, Troublemaker includes a score and achievement system that encourages friendly competition among players. This feature motivates users to excel in each level and adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. In summary, Troublemaker provides a thrilling and dramatic puzzle experience that challenges players’ problem-solving abilities while immersing them in an unforgettable adventure.

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Troublemaker APK download
Troublemaker APK download

Features of Troublemaker:

  1. Adventure Puzzle Game: Troublemaker combines elements of adventure and puzzle-solving, requiring players to face various challenges to escape from rehab.
  2. Mischievous Protagonist: Players take on the role of Randal, a mischievous vandal determined to make his great escape from a rehab facility.
  3. Multiple Puzzle Types: Troublemaker incorporates a range of puzzle types, including logic, physics, and cryptography, ensuring that there is never a dull moment.
  4. Diverse Solutions: Puzzles can be approached in various ways, providing players with the option to use cunning skills, deception, avoidance, or even overpowering the pursuer.
  5. Unique Graphics: With its combination of 2D and 3D graphics, Troublemaker presents a colorful and distinct game world for players to explore.
  6. Collections: The game encourages players to search for and collect hidden objects throughout the adventure to complete unique collections.
  7. Scores and Achievements: A built-in scoring and achievement system provides an added level of competition and motivation for players to excel at each level.
  8. Custom Game Modes: Troublemaker offers customization options for adjusting the difficulty and length of gameplay to suit different player preferences.

In summary, Troublemaker is an engaging adventure puzzle game that provides thrilling and dramatic experiences for those looking for a challenging gaming experience.

Graphics by Troublemaker

Graphics by Troublemaker are designed in a unique style that combines 2D and 3D elements to create a mischievous and complex world for players to explore. The game screen showcases detailed and colorful environments, with distinct areas that contribute to the overall uniqueness and charm of the game.

The main character, Randal, is designed using singular illustrations, consisting of numerous curved lines and vibrant colors. This distinct style extends to the supporting characters and environments within the game. Furthermore, Troublemaker’s graphics feature special effects and fluid animations that enhance the gaming experience for players.

In summary, Troublemakers graphics boast a one-of-a-kind and polished design, creating an intricate and captivating world for players to dive into.

How to play, Troublemaker’s gameplay

Troublemaker is an adventure puzzle game where the player takes the role of the protagonist Randal and tries to escape from rehab. During the escape, the player will encounter various challenges and puzzles.

How to play Troublemaker is quite simple. Players use the movement buttons to move the character, interact with the environment, and solve puzzles.

Each level of Troublemaker has a specific mission, and the player must solve puzzles to progress to the goal. The puzzles in this game are varied and have logic, physics, and cryptography. Players need to think and use cunning skills, stay away from or defeat the pursuer to solve puzzles and escape rehab.

During the gameplay, the player can collect hidden objects in the game to complete the collection and possibly achieve better achievements. In addition, Troublemaker also has a score and achievement system for players to compete with.

Troublemaker’s graphics are designed in a unique style, combining 2D and 3D graphics. The game screen shows a mischievous and complex world, with different areas designed in detail and creating a colorful and unique world.

The main character, Randal, is designed with unique drawings, including many curved lines and bright colors. The supporting characters and environments are also designed in this unique style.

In addition, the game features special effects and smooth animations, which help create a better game experience for players.

In short, Troublemaker’s graphics are unique and refined, creating a mischievous and complex world for players to explore.

Advantage and Defect Troublemaker


  1. Unique and exquisite graphics: Troublemaker is designed with unique and exquisite graphics, creating a mischievous and complex world for players to explore.
  2. Diverse and interesting puzzles: Troublemaker has many different puzzles, requiring players to think and find solutions to progress to the goal.
  3. Simple gameplay: Troublemaker has simple, easy-to-understand gameplay, suitable for even beginners.
  4. English is widely used: Troublemaker uses English as the main language in the game, helping players improve their English skills during the game.


  1. No multiplayer mode: Troublemaker only supports single player mode, no multiplayer mode for players to play together.
  2. Puzzle difficulty: Some puzzles in the game can be very difficult to solve, requiring the player to think hard and experiment many times before finding a solution.

In short, Troublemaker is a game worth playing, with many advantages such as unique graphics and interesting puzzles, but also disadvantages such as no multiplayer mode and some difficult puzzles to solve.



In conclusion, Troublemaker offers a one-of-a-kind gaming experience for puzzle enthusiasts who appreciate top-notch graphics, diverse challenges, and straightforward gameplay. As an excellent option for individual entertainment during your leisure time, this game may not cater to those seeking multiplayer action or effortlessly solvable puzzles. Nonetheless, Troublemaker is definitely worth a try for anyone looking to dive into a mischievous and intriguing puzzle world.

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