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Shooter bois!
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March 10, 2021
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Varies with device
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Shooter Punk Apk İndir 2021

Shooter bois! Enter the futuristic world of 2077! You are the Rebel Shooter, the only woke person to ever stand up against the evil corporations.

In the cyber punk themed world where injustice becomes common but no one ever realised the wrong, you, the only “woke” person in the entire world must stop the injustice. but there’s a problem. No one else sees anything wrong with the world except you. So rise up and face against the ruthless corporation that has kept everyone in shackles using the mainstream propaganda.

Step up, stack up awesome skills and fight like your life depends on it, for the never-ending waves of enemies that will never give up. Stop them before they stop you.

Play the game in portrait mode and enjoy fast paced action in one hand. control only using 1 finger to shoot, move, strafe, roll, reload and swap weapon. very easy to play. appealing to casual audience and also deep enough for hardcore player.

One Finger Shooter Download

Enjoy creating countless combinations of unique skills that are designed to help you survive. Crawl your way through different worlds facing relentless enemies. Different enemies with different attacks and elements.

Build your character differently each time you play as every play through will be different than the last. Customize your hero with different gear set and weapons that have different element to tackle different enemy. Each enemy has unique weakness and different elements that can chain a combo if matched correctly. Learn and study the enemy weakness and defeat them using the correct element.

Dont be afraid of deaths as for a common Roguelike games, players in Shooter Punk will be sent back to the start everytime they die. But not to worry because this is a Roguelike games, where each death is a good death where you can spend all your resource to upgrade and customize your hero and start again stronger. this is common in a Roguelike games.

What is Shooter Punk?
Brand new Hero Shooter that can be enjoyed by using only 1 hand. The camera is viewed like a common third person shooter game but it is simplified so it can be controlled by using only one hand. Although it may sound hardcore, it is actually a casual game which can be enjoyed in short play time. The secret to its simplicity is the smart camera AI that focuses on action. Imagine shooting, reloading, dive roll, sprinting, and strafing fire by only using 3 buttons on screen. that is Shooter Punk.

Enjoy great visual in stylised low poly graphic with heavy post processing. Empower this visual in a third person shooter perspective. watch the action closer to your screen. enjoy eye candy explosions when you match the correct element.

A lot of loots showering the map when you destroy the enemies. Collect the loot and use it to upgrade and improve your character. Loots dropped are procedurally generated so you wont find any 2 loots or equipment the same. Each with different rarity; common, rare, unique, legendary attributes that gives you different bonus allowing you to min max your build.

Ever increasing difficulty and unique paragon system that replaces the common level system in most games.

No more energy system that caps you from playing the game. enjoy explore mode when your energy has depleted. In explore mode you can continue your adventure even if you have run out of energy. In explore mode you are able to farm loots, equipment, gear and weapons to further amplify your character strength.

Shooter punk is completely free to play and you are not required to spend any in app purchases. Every content can be accessed within the game even without spending. Ads are available to view and will reward you with currency .

New content will be added periodically so be sure to play and not miss out new content.



Initial release.

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