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Cx File Explorer APK serves as an innovative file management application tailored specifically for the Android operating system. This user-friendly software empowers individuals to effortlessly navigate, organize, and retrieve their files and folders with utmost convenience, all within a visually pleasing and intuitive interface.
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Cx File Explorer
May 13, 2023
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Cx File Explorer APK serves as an innovative file management application tailored specifically for the Android operating system. This user-friendly software empowers individuals to effortlessly navigate, organize, and retrieve their files and folders with utmost convenience, all within a visually pleasing and intuitive interface.

Cx File Explorer

About CX File Explorer APK

CX File Explorer APK, developed by the talented and innovative firatpence, is an exceptional file manager application for Android devices. With its intuitive and feature-rich interface, this app effortlessly streamlines the process of managing files on smartphones. Renowned and praised globally by the Android user community, CX File Explorer APK empowers users to take complete control over their digital files.

Delivering a plethora of invaluable features, CX File Explorer APK caters to all file management needs on Android devices. From effortless internal and external file organization to robust file search capabilities, this application ensures that users can easily locate and access their desired files. Furthermore, CX File Explorer APK enables users to effortlessly rename, move, copy, and delete files, providing unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Additionally, this exceptional file manager goes above and beyond by offering seamless application management and the ability to handle compressed files with utmost ease.

Experience the renowned superiority of CX File Explorer APK and elevate your file management experience on Android devices. Discover the wonders of effortless organization and masterful control, as this incredible app revolutionizes the way you handle and interact with your digital files.

Overview CX File Explorer APK

CX File Explorer APK is an exceptional file management application designed for Android devices, ingeniously crafted by the CleanMyMac company. This remarkable tool offers users a sleek and user-friendly interface, empowering them to effortlessly organize files stored both internally and on external memory cards.

With CX File Explorer APK, users can swiftly search, rename, move, copy, and delete files with unparalleled ease. Moreover, this impeccable application further grants users the ability to efficaciously manage their device’s applications, including seamless installation, removal, and transfer to the memory card.

Notably, CX File Explorer APK shines by seamlessly handling compressed files, including ZIP and RAR formats, while also flaunting its compatibility with popular online file systems such as Google Drive and Dropbox. For users seeking unparalleled convenience and efficiency in managing their files on their precious Android devices, CX File Explorer APK incontrovertibly stands as the ultimate choice.

Despite its undeniable merits, CX File Explorer APK does come with certain limitations. Regrettably, the free version of the application is accompanied by ads, which slightly tarnishes the overall user experience. Furthermore, the premium version of this exceptional tool, which affords access to premium features such as compressed file management and online file handling, does require a certain monetary investment.

Overall, CX File Explorer APK undeniably emerges as a formidable contender in the realm of Android file management, combining its flawless interface with seamless functionality. Nevertheless, users must weigh the trade-offs carefully when considering the implications of the ads in the free version and the premium features offered by the paid version.

Features of CX File Explorer APK

CX File Explorer APK boasts a plethora of indispensable features that empower users to effortlessly manage their files on Android devices. Let us delve into the key highlights of this remarkable app:

  • Impeccable Internal and external file management: CX File Explorer APK seamlessly enables users to efficiently handle files residing in both internal storage and external memory cards.
  • Effortless File search: This superlative application is equipped with a lightning-fast search feature, facilitating users in locating their desired files with utmost ease.
  • Versatile file operations: CX File Explorer APK grants users the ability to effortlessly perform fundamental file tasks such as renaming, moving, copying, and deleting files.
  • Simplified application management: With CX File Explorer APK, users can efficaciously manage applications on their devices, encompassing tasks such as installation, deletion, and relocation of applications to the memory card.
  • Uncomplicated Compressed file management: The Premium edition of CX File Explorer APK further empowers users to adeptly handle compressed files, encompassing popular formats like ZIP and RAR files.
  • Seamless online file access: This notable application extends its functionality to online file management, seamlessly integrating with esteemed platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Tailorable interface: CX File Explorer APK offers a wide range of captivating interface options, allowing users to uniquely customize the application’s appearance to suit their distinct preferences.
  • Efficient memory cleaning feature: With CX File Explorer APK, users can effortlessly declutter their devices by disposing of superfluous files, effectively liberating valuable storage space.

Usage of CX File Explorer APK

CX File Explorer APK boasts an inviting and user-friendly interface, making it a breeze for users to navigate their way through file management. Upon downloading and installing the application, users can effortlessly delve into the realm of file organization on their device.

In the quest for files, users need only utilize the search feature gracefully stationed at the apex of the interface. To master the art of file management, users can exercise their power by simply bestowing a long-press upon a file, thus unveiling a plethora of options such as relocation, duplication, rechristening, or even extermination. Meanwhile, the mastery of application management awaits users on the main screen of the application, as they select “Applications” to bear witness to a comprehensive compendium of the installed applications graciously residing on their device.

For those seeking to reign over the realm of online file management, the application offers a seamless symbiosis with Google Drive or Dropbox. By effortlessly establishing a connection, users are able to unearth their files’ digital doppelgängers and exercise dominion remotely, all within the confines of the CX File Explorer APK application.

Usage of CX File Explorer APK

Pros and Cons of CX File Explorer APK


  • CX File Explorer APK is a versatile and user-friendly file manager application that caters to the needs of Android device users. This exceptional tool offers a plethora of valuable features to efficiently handle files, both in the internal and external storage of your device. With CX File Explorer APK at your disposal, you can effortlessly navigate through your files, conduct detailed searches, rename items, seamlessly move or copy files, and delete unwanted data.
  • Not only limited to local file management, CX File Explorer APK goes the extra mile by facilitating online file organization through Google Drive and Dropbox integration. This remarkable functionality enables users to effortlessly access and manage their files from any location and at any moment, providing unmatched convenience and flexibility.
  • Experience the convenience and efficiency of CX File Explorer APK as it empowers you to take full control of your file management needs.


  • Some exclusive features of the CX File Explorer APK can only be accessed in the Premium version of the application. These features include the ability to efficiently manage compressed files and seamlessly handle various applications.
  • However, it is worth mentioning that there have been reports of bugs and issues experienced by users when utilizing this application on certain Android devices. The presence of these problems may lead to complications, particularly when dealing with file formats of high-quality videos or audio files.
  • Despite these potential challenges, the CX File Explorer APK does offer a unique opportunity for users to enhance their file management experience. While there are ads present within the app, they can be easily eliminated by upgrading to the Premium version, ensuring a more streamlined and uninterrupted usage.
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CX File Explorer APK offers a seamless file management experience for Android users. This exquisite application not only simplifies the organization of files on your device, but also grants effortless access to cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.

While CX File Explorer APK excels as a free and user-friendly file manager, it does possess certain limitations and occasional bugs. Should you seek a reliable and accessible means of managing your files, CX File Explorer APK stands as an exceptional choice. However, for those yearning for a more comprehensive feature set, an upgrade to the Premium version is recommended.

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What's new

- Bug fixes and minor improvements.
- Supports the extraction of password protected ZIP
- Improved compatibility for Android 13
- Supports backup of split APK
- Supports Dropbox team space

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